Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A New Meme

Katie tagged me for a meme, and since I have a moment to breath right now I'll play along.

This meme asks me to tell three random things about myself.

1. This year my husband and I have been together half of our lives. I know you are wondering how many years that is, so here's the math: 18 growing up + 18 together = 36!

2. I count syllables on my fingers when I'm listening to people talk (like a sermon, lecture, presentation, etc.). I add an extra word or expression if it doesn't end evenly :O)

3. My most recent sense of accomplishment came from potty training my 2 yo daughter.

Now I'm tagging you - Laura, Jubilee, Queen Shenaynay, and anyone else reading this!


Sr. Smith said...

...and I can't wait for the next 18!

Señora Smith said...

me, too ;o)

Jubilee said...

That's easy, everything about me is random.

I'll post on this tomorrow. I have to think & plan so I can be sure I choose the most random, random things.

Thanks, Sra!