Sunday, April 20, 2008

La Hermosa Princesa Esperanza's First (published) Narration

She's only two, but lately is narrating lots of things. So I will publish this evening's narration of her birthday party, which was this afternoon. Her words are preceded by an * so that I don't have to keep typing our names. I will add that this conversation took place in her rocking chair right before bed.

Hermosa, did you have fun at your birthday party?

*MMM... Park!

We went to the park, didn't we? What did you do at the park?


Yes, you flew a kite. What kind of kite do you have?

*Hermosa Kite!

Yes, it's your kite, but who's picture is on your kite?

*Dora panties!

Yes, Dora is on your panties, too. What else did you do at your party?

*Jump! Darbie!

Yes, Darbie came and jumped with you. Who else came?

*Aunt Mille sick.

No Aunt Mille isn't sick. She is at her house far away. Grandma is sick and couldn't come.

*Grandma sick. Aunt Mille okay?

Yes, Aunt Mille is okay.

What else did you like at your party?

*Party cookies!

Yum! Did you have presents, too?


What kind of presents did you get?



*Night night, mommy.

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