Monday, April 28, 2008

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow?

Nana & Pap-Paw survey the onions & potatoes...
Good day, cucumber plant!
Mesculum, aka Spring Mix!
Peruvian corn stalk - I really hope these make!
A potato plant - I really want to see the action underground these babies!

It is amazing to me how we can put little seeds in the ground & water them, and then God does his thing and all of a sudden we see green things growing. This is our first attempt at a garden, and it's very exciting... enjoy the pictures! We'll post more as things progress. Maybe we'll even have some bounty to share - I can't wait to have a salad out of my own garden! For you garden pros out there, forgive the grass you see on the sides and whatever other mistakes we are unaware of - we are learning together... and welcome any suggestions!


Laura said...

I think your garden grows quite well, Sra. Smith! My weeds and grass have invaded completely, but I'm still persevering and excited about the harvest. Never enough time these days!

Praying that all is well at your place!

Katie said...

The plants look great! We have some dead tomato sprouts and dead broccoli sprouts growing in egg cartons in our dining room. That's about the extent of our vegetable garden!