Thursday, September 27, 2007

Total Momsense

Okay, Moms - you have to watch this video at the bottom of my page. Click on the 3rd one, the far right, as the other two are only partial recordings. You gotta watch the whole thing! Unfortunately I can only tag things from YouTube in groups - everything that has my search criteria comes up, so it is impossible to only show one video unless that video has a title that is different than all the others... Oh well! This is just a free, hodge podge kind of operation I'm running anyway ;o)

Okay, we found this the other day (Super Jirafa and I) and got a chuckle. Then he and Sr. Smith heard it on the radio - apparently Anita Renfroe is becoming quite popular! We watched it again this morning and as we were laughing at it I asked Super Jirfa if I sound like that. "No," he said, "That's what moms sound like whose kids go to public school." My mouth is hanging wide open because I think I sound JUST like this!! God's grace must be translating what comes out of my mouth before it hits my childrens' ears, because I feel like I bark orders at them night and day! I think this woman is hysterical, and I know I've heard many of those exact words out of my own mouth, my mother's mouth, and countless friends whose children are public schooled, homeschooled, or not even in school yet! We'll give Super Jirafa some grace to grow up and live a little... but I had to post what he said because it just cracked me up. It made me wonder how we've portrayed public school before him... but also eased my soul a little to know he isn't negatively affected by my sometimes negative comments ;o)

I also added a link to our favorite homeschooling resource, Ambleside Online. Super Jirafa is working really hard trying to finish Year 4 by February, so that he can start Year 5 & finish it before next fall. He really wants to start Junior High next year, so we're letting him. And Paco Zapato is in Year 3. Yesterday he had drawn the coolest ship with vikings on the dry erase board, but of course by the time I went to get my camera he had erased it and was drawing a steamboat... I'll try to get a picture posted if he'll leave anything alone long enough!

Well, off to get the school day started! Columbus and Franklin and DaVinci - Oh my!!

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