Monday, September 24, 2007

Eat at Chili's today!

"100 % of the profits from Chili's today will benefit the Chili's St. Jude Research Hospital being opened in the next few months. This is such a worthwhile organization and one of the leading research hospitals for Children's Cancer. There is so little being done for Children's Cancer research that it is great when these opportunities come along!" quoted from my friend whose precious 4 year old son is battling cancer for the second time. Take a night off from your kitchen, and eat as healthy as you can from the Chili's menu ;o)

My thumb is thankful to be kept away from sharp utensils for the night - I'll write about that & give you all a chuckle (or the heebie jeebies) at my expense later. Suffice to say, all is well thanks to my wonderful nurse neighbor ;o)

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