Monday, April 6, 2009

Whether You Eat or Drink

Yesterday marked the meeting of a new challenge for our family as we avoid all grains and sugar... The Lord's Table with our church consists of unleavened bread and grape juice, aka grain and sugar! What to do? Well, I made our own! Using almond flour, eggs, carrots, ghee, and a little honey, I made our bread. And since there really was no way for me to ferment grape juice (reasonably), I made ginger tea & then cooled it down. We took our bread in a little baggie, and bottled our drink so it wouldn't spill. When the time came, my husband passed some bread to each of us and then we poured our drink into a cup which we shared. The ginger had much the same effect as the grape juice typically does; a little "bite" that reminds us of Christ's work on the cross, taking on the punishment for our sins. It made me consider, that if Christ can do that for me, I can certainly make it through this diet for my son.

"So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." 1 Corinthians 10:31 (ESV)


Anonymous said...

Remember that the bread represents the broken body of Christ; striped for your son's healing and peace.

Salvation, forgiveness, healing, deliverance, peace, righteousness; all wonderful gifts! Thank You Jesus!

Lots of love in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I really like how you and your family all came together, (as Christ desires us all to do with, and for others) for your son, and it kind of reminded me of Mary's love for her son and scenes that portrayed her love for him in The Passion of The Christ..

I just find it very beautiful how much love there is in your family, and can see your love for your kids through your posts.

Anyway, it made me think it must have probably been difficult to change your eating habits, but even though it was hard, you wanted to because you love your son so very much, and because it's probably what was best for him. It made me think of the scene where Mary was just torn to pieces seeing her Son suffer, but she didn't interfere because she knew it was God's will for Christ to die for us all. I know her pain was a lot different, and she was not able to physically help him but her heart was full of love and only wanted the best for her Son. I think she is a great example of a mother's love, and even though what she went through was different than your families diet, there is still a similarity in how she only wanted what was best for her son. I know she didn't want to see him suffer and die, and that must have been extremely hard for her, but what was best was that he go through that for all of us... As much as it killed her, she didn't stop it. So, it's like even though things get difficult, and we go through a tough time with our families; we can get through it with love and pursuing God's will.

It seems to me that you are also an example of a mother's love. By changing the diet in your family for your son, even though it was hard, he will experience "healing and peace" like the last person wrote, and that is love. Putting the needs of others before our own is what makes this world a beautiful place, and I know it makes Christ proud!

-Anonymous Sister in Christ.

Señora Smith said...

Anonymous Sister, thank you for your beautiful comment! We stayed on that diet without any cheats for 7 months, and it was life-changing for our son. His moods evened out, his learning and physical abilities increased, and he learned how to handle his frustrations much better. We have since moved into eating more "normally" and allowing grain and sugar again. We use digestive enzymes and a myriad of other supplements which for the most part have helped carry him past the need he had of the strict diet at that time. I know that he would be better served by returning to that diet, but as the diet keeps us from so many other good things where food is present, we are now just trying to do the best we can at home, and help him choose the best choices he can when we are out. Sometimes he gorges on junk (as we all do) but the result is much less severe than it once was. Each sacrifice has a trade off :)

Thank you for your encouragement! Blessings to you, sister.