Friday, March 27, 2009

Fun Food

When your food choices are limited, sometimes presentation makes a heap of difference! I found these cute little pancake molds in an Avon catalog for $14.99. I think they've gone to $9.99 now. There is a butterfly, a heart, and a duck. So when the kids have their squash & nut butter pancakes, they can pick a shape. This was Paco's duck, along with his "leaked" eggs ;o)

This is one of our soups - Paco's favorite way to eat it is when he can see each vegetable and know what it is. He gets suspicious of me if things are blended or chopped too finely...

My kids think I'm weird for taking pictures of food, but I like the visual presentation. This is Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride's recipe for Tuna Salad found on page 125 of Gut and Psychology Syndrome. When I was making the salad, I wondered why I was taking pains to layer everything as opposed to just mixing it all together. Then when I was finished I knew why - it is so pretty! And it was pretty tasty, too :o)

Happy GAPS cooking!

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The Batman said...

Yeah, I get suspicious too, when you chop too finely or blend. We wouldn't want any celery in there!

Thanks for your hard work in the kitchen!